If you have wanted wow lashes without having to wear lash extensions or getting your natural ones ruined by lash extensions, then lash lift is for you. Making your natural lashes look darker, fuller, and curvier with a Keratin Lash Lift, we curl your natural lashes at the root, giving you that effect of longer lashes. There are no lash extensions, no adhesive, and most importantly, no damage to the natural lash. Going to the beach or the office, your lashes will be ready when you are. A Lash Lift is a perfect option for those with sensitivities to eyelash extensions or downward-pointing lashes.

Add an eyelash tint to complete the look!

  • * Low maintenance
  • * Last 6-8 weeks
  • * No eyelash breakage
  • * Process time: 50 minutes

Lash Tinting

Darken natural lashes and ditch the mascara! Lash tinting will add color to natural lashes. Lash tinting is great for the busy woman that’s on the go and has no time to apply makeup or keep up with the maintenance of their eyelashes. Also perfect for people who have blond, light brown, or grey lashes and want them darkened. We only use Belmacil tints for all lash and brow tinting services. 

Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tint is applied to brows to make them look fuller and darker. We use premium Belmacil Tints especially formulated for brows and lashes that can last up to three to four weeks before a re-touch is needed. Brow tinting is a must-have service for those with thin, sparse, blonde hairs or just very light hairs. We customized tints for each client.

*If you do a lot of exercising, like swimming, cycling, hot yoga, or running, you may need a touch-up more frequently.

  • Keratin Lash Lift $85
  • Lash Tint $20
  • Brow Tint $20